230PC Excavator


230PC excavator adopts the exclusive highly efficient hydraulic control system, and has the powerful travel traction.


Exclusive highly efficient hydraulic control system

Engine: ISUZU or Cummins

Main pump: Kawasaki

Control valve: Parker or Kawasaki, optional

Travel motor: Sunjin (Korea)

Swing motor: Sunjin (Korea)

Powerful travel traction

Effectively prevent mixing of soil and rock

Highly efficient and rapid operations

High-strength frame structure and greater ground clearance

Safe and open engine hood

Convenient and swift maintenance



Transport length 9600mm
Transport arm height 3005mm
Wheelbase 3635mm
Radius of gyration platform end 2794mm
Counter weight ground clearance 1096mm
Track gauge 2400mm
Total width of undercarriage 2980mm
Width of upper structure 2990mm
Width of track shoe 600mm
Ground clearance 475mm
Total length of travel mechanism 4440mm
Cabin height 845mm

Application scopeStructure

Maximum digging depth 6592mm
Maximum digging height 9616mm
Maximum unloading height 6830mm
Maximum digging radius 9873mm
Minimum turning radius 3560mm


Technical Specification

Weight 22.3t
Bucket capacity 1.2m3
Engine rated power 128kW-135kW
Swing speed 10.7min-1
Travel speed (high/low) 5.9-3.2km/h
Ground specific pressure 43.5kPa
Gradeability (%) 70
Digging force Standard 267kN/Pressurized 81.3kN
Boom length 5700mm
Arm length 2900mm